The Easy Rider Draggons is our newest Edition in the Draggon Wagon line up. With the help of a Legendary disc golfer we have created the perfect Disc Golf Caddy; The Easy Rider. This model has all of the same durability and ground clearance you would hope to find in a Draggon. The Easy Rider will make navigating around any course a breeze. Comes with a FREE Heavy Duty Disc Golf Bag while supply last!

Easy Rider Draggon

  • We are proud to present The Draggon V2, one of the most versatile transport vehicles ever made. Completely original in its design the Draggon V2 boasts up to 10 and a half inches of ground clearance that ride atop 15 and a half inch NPT tires. The Draggon Wagon V2 is built like a tank and will give you undeniable confidence when transporting the things that matter most. With over 50 different attachment points you will be able to secure  virtually anything.